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Guide to integrative nutrition
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Integrative Nutrition Health
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Verified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Verified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
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Deep Dive Assessment Consultation

//Deep Dive Assessment Consultation

Deep Dive Assessment Consultation


90 Minute Consultation

Service Provided:
In Person
Online/Video Chat
By Phone


Product Description

In these 90 minutes using your Health History to provide clues, we identify areas of your life where small, but significant improvements can be made in not only diet but lifestyle as well. I have many easy tips and tricks to help support you on your journey.

If you have a specific concern, I can discuss the best holistic approach with you and offer some key guidelines or referral, if needed.

Clients receive a variety of supportive and relevant nutrition information handouts and resources.

I offer all that I can to get you on your way towards better health!

The natural next step from here is the more in-depth packages for your on-going optimal health.