I love doTerra products!

doTerra hand washI love the added protection of antibacterial ingredients without the drying effect of other traditional alcohol-based antibacterial soaps on the market. It is gentle and safe to let the kids use.

doTerra massage lotion

I use both of these products to enhance the therapeutic effects of massages for my children after they play sports and have tired and sore muscles.

doTerra oilDeep blue is the perfect product for deep tissue discomfort, while Aromatouch is a great blend of scents to add to a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil for massage purposes.

I absolutely love adding scented oils to my bath, cleaning products and diffusers around the house.

Other uses for oils I have discovered is Lavender oil on small wounds and bug bites to aid in healing and to promote a restful sleep. I just add a few drops directly to my skin, in coconut oil based cleaning products and on lavender petals or potpourri and leave it by the bed.

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“My first time trying a dip with Epicure spices was about 8 years ago. At the time I was a Watkins consultant and someone wanted me try their product to compare. So, I did.

epicure spices

What a difference good, clean, quality ingredients can make to the flavour of the spices. I did not have the money to throw away on what I had bought so… I just replaced them with Epicure products as soon as I ran out.

I started with the Madras Curry to use in my family’s favourite scalloped potatoes recipe. Yummy!

Now today, I have dozens of spices in my cupboards and some of the kitchen tools as well!

My boys were all over the Chipster and Mandolin the day I brought them home! We had a great time making healthy fruit & veggie chips.

Thanks to Epicure for making excellent products…we all enjoy spending more time in the kitchen.

Don`t just take my word it…try for yourself!“

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