health nutrition coachHi there,

I’m Renée Harrison.


I host online guest summits to bring the best of the best information in mind, body and spiritual wellness approaches out there all to one event and I personally coach people in groups or one to one. I write to share stories and resources of the positive influencers in my own healing.

I LOVE WHAT I DO NOW! Both for myself and for others!

I  have a much healthier lifestyle now, but it was not always so!

I had more rolls than the bakery, I did not feel good most days, was not able to look myself in the eye in the mirror and would turn up my nose at healthy foods. I found out how to change all that and YOU can too!

My story…

Believe it or not, I use to eat a whole bag of chips and a large bowl of maple walnut ice cream every night while I sat in front of a couple of movies! Until one day I could not catch my breath after walking up a flight of stairs, because of the weight I had gained. I had excruciating arthritis pain, and headaches every day. I was depressed and moody and had IBS like symptoms that were getting worse.

I knew then and there I HAD to do something or DIE too young, without living my dreams, just like my parents did.

My aha moment…

Luckily, I got a part time gig at a Health Food Store on the weekends and learned that something like 80% of all chronic diseases and premature death are preventable with healthy living. Cleaner eating is a start to restoring health and I wanted to do all I could to make myself feel better. I had been running to the doctor’s offices for almost twenty years, trying to find the relief I wanted there, but they did not have the answers and their solutions…did not work for my body. I was really sick and had a series of complaints (you can read about it here)

I needed the right kind help from people who could understand what was happening to me.

My recovery…

I was hearing from the customers about their amazing recoveries from a life of pain to one of wholeness and happiness. I wanted that too for myself and my family! Slowly, applying some of the methods I learned about…I began to heal all my aches in mind, body and soul.

Fast forward to today…almost twenty years later.

The weight is off (even the baby weight after 3 kids!) and I am thriving better now than I had before!

I can honestly say the doctor does not even see me anymore and I DO NOT diet with pills, period! In fact, I am off all prescription medications now and live a clean and healthy lifestyle. YOU can too…Learn how!

I found my groove with patience and skilled guidance and I can teach you, if you want to discover what works for your body.

Healthy eating, moderate exercise or overall good living are just some of our lifestyle choices. Find out what else is needed to feel your best!

As a coach, I see health issues as a way the body is communicating with us. I help to interpret the messages so you understand the wisdom of your body, can deconstruct your health concerns and get back to doing the things you love to do.

Some of us need to dive deeper still and discover other forms of nourishment… like a spiritual practice, a fulfilling career or better relationships so we can get on with thriving! No more living on the surface!

Most of us think it just takes eating better and exercising…But what about the whole of you? The mind and spirit have their roles to play in overall wellness too! I can guide and support you to discover what approach is best for you.

What I do…


We all have patterns of behaviour or live according to programs we have been taught that can eventually lead to pain and illness.

My work is to help the client dive deeper and explore these patterns by going through an extensive Health History and Initial Consultation. We begin to find and release these stuck programs to facilitate healing and recovery, using any number of different Diet & Lifestyle Modifications and/or Energy Medicine modalities.

In my practice, I draw from my knowledge and resources in mindful eating, Health & Wellness Coaching, and energy medicine such as Reiki, Body Talk, and Emotion Code.

I guide the client to awareness and self-healing using my knowledge of quantum physics and epi-genetics to observe the changes. All methods are safe, hands-off and effective… if the client is ready to explore their options and let go of old patterns and behaviours.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves.

I believe that when everyone is made aware of this truth, all of humanity will shift their health & wellness themselves and raise the consciousness of the planet.



Wellness Cooking Academy Certified Instructor