I have been learning a lot more about myself lately and how my emotional triggers are a great guidance for me to explore what isn`t working, what I feel excited about and how important it is to have boundaries in place with others. These are just some examples of what my emotions tell me about my experience of this life of mine.

If there is one regret I have, it is that I was never taught to pay attention to these triggers and emotional clues when I was younger, but then the story would have unfolded differently, wouldn’t it? The experiences I have had due to being with the people in my early life have helped to shape me into the person I am today so who am I to judge it as being anything less than perfect?


Ahhh… Perfect. There it is. That word that causes so many people to turn away, to cringe, to cry out “ENOUGH!“ Why do we stress ourselves out trying to be perfect? Who are we doing it for? I mean, really, how enjoyable is it to live a life according to someone else`s “idea“ of what is right or good for us? Why do we judge our own choices so harshly?

For a long time I was only changing my environment, not changing myself and how I think about my environment or the people in it. I played the blame game all too well! Oh, what a victim I was.

Today, I understand that how I interpret what is showing up in my life and what others think it should look like…is just their opinion. Now, as I shed this heaviness of other people`s agendas from my life, I have been reveling in the lightness of being that I feel to just “be“ myself. I am freer to laugh, play, sing or be in nature as I please. I am in allowance of when I want to be quiet and when I want to be alone. I can add a new person in my life or delete someone that continues to be unloving or brings a heavy feeling in my life. It is MY life for me to enjoy so, if I want to truly be happy, I must first be autonomous and in allowance of all the aspects of my life, without judging it right, wrong, good or bad!

When people show up now with their own beliefs of how my life should look I “feel“ it out first and ask myself if this feels light or if it feels heavy. I am learning to surrender to this intuition of mine. Then once I have an answer, which is really just a “gut“ feeling reaction, an inner knowing, call it a hunch, whatever…I can make choices that keep me in charge of the life of my choosing and on my path of integrity.

Otherwise, I run the risk of creating a life that is not easy and joyful but, one that is all about strife and struggle. Then the stress builds and I end up with a dis-ease in my body. The body is the final place that tries to get our attention that something does not feel right, something is off about this person, this environment, this choice. You name it. I am not saying that in all cases it has to be a dramatic illness or near fatal disease to get our attention. Even just chronic headaches and sore throats can tell us something if we are aware and listening!


I have learned by experience that if I feel constriction, a lump-like sensation and/or a sore throat…I may be holding back from speaking my truth. I became aware of the brilliance of the human energy body (that subtle energy field we all have) when I read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay a few years ago. It is this intelligent subtle energy, this inner wisdom that “alerts” us when we are not paying attention to external clues. More recently I have read other people’s life works, such as The Healer’s Manual by Ted Andrews and The Molecules of Emotion by Dr. Candice Pert.

Aura, chakras and healing energy - woman and man

I love how Ted Andrews puts it…”Problems in the throat area should be examined in relation to the specific area. The larynx, for example, is the voice box, but

it also aids in swallowing. If this is the problem area, are we having trouble swallowing what is being expressed to us? Are we stifling and swallowing our words when we should be speaking out? Are we expressing ourselves inappropriately? Are we afraid to speak up? Are others doing the speaking for us? Do you feel free to speak your desires, wishes, etc.?”

On this journey of self healing, I have learned many things and I will continue to learn about myself until the day I die. It is through learning about how I function in my surroundings that I am discovering how the world works. I have figured this out…we are meant to experience the lives we want to create for ourselves and allow others the same freedom to choose what they want. Call it a hunch…but the world would be a more unconditionally loving place if everyone figured this out!

What do you want to create for yourself? Are you ready to follow your own inner clues to lasting health and happiness?

On: September 1, 2016,  By: Renee Harrison