Edited version of article published April 1, 2016

When I talk to others about doing a life refresh, they think automatically that I mean to do a diet upgrade, lose weight, or join a gym. Why wouldn’t they think that since I am a Health Coach after all? Don’t get me wrong, eating clean can always help a person look and feel better, while on their way taking control of what and how often they eat foods that are good for them. Wouldn’t it be nice if setting goals, and succeeding at them every so often was the simple way of feeling better about ourselves and the way we live our lives?

What I am talking about though is that deep, resounding knowing that a shift is needed in one’s life to keep feeling alive and invigorated. You know the desire for more health, wealth, love or happiness that we all yearn for at some point in our existence. Like the twist of the kaleidoscope or hitting the refresh button, so the patterns and colours change and feel powerful, new and more vivid again.



I hear it all the time…people who are in pain in their minds due to the way they perceive what is occurring in their lives. They are confused and depressed and wanting something to change for them, never understanding that it all begins with them. They have the ability to change their way of thinking themselves.

One common enemy of positive mindset mastery is our upbringing. No one teaches us from primary school years onward, that we can control our anxiety by choosing our thoughts wisely. Oh, but if they did, there would be few who would ever choose to be self-destructive or mean to others. At least, that is the way I choose to think!

What if we all knew how to find the knowledge that we need to put into a life strategy and execute the steps towards freedom? What would the world look like then?

I am a big believer that we can do this if we know why it would benefit us. A kind of, see it first attitude. A lot of people are visual learners and need this map drawn out for them, or they cannot “see the big picture.”

Then the next step is that they believe that it is possible to dream big and get to the end of the rainbow. If you don’t believe you can, your subconscious mind will agree with you! So why not select the best that life has to offer? Once, a person believes they can it is decision time. Now, they can put it into action and feel the fear and choose it anyway.

Once you decide you to do, be, or want more…follow these steps to become that person, have that life, and live the life you always wanted! The choice is yours.

It is said that our thoughts create us…so why not choose the best thoughts we can and be amazingly happy with the outcome of that choice? I am willing to bet; it turns out better than anything you could possibly dream up! The options are endless!

Are you willing to find out?