Renee is an incredible human being with a genuine passion and desire for healing and growth.
The most incredible part of experiencing Renee’s coaching is noticing her never ending search for more understanding in the vast arrays of methods, information, and tools for healing. She is a great listener, really knows how to ask the right questions, and is great at meeting you right where you are.
If you are looking to get help from someone who is passionately on a healing journey themselves with all the wisdom and experience that comes with all of the experimentation involved, this is your girl. She is powerful!


I met Renee through a friend of a friend. When she first came over I found her voice was so calming and soothing and she was very easy to talk to. She listened to everything I said and she reflected back to me what she saw and told me how she could help me. I went on a few cleanses with her and felt better.

She lent me some books and I learned how come out of my shell a lot. It was like someone really understood me without judging me. I like the fact that Renee is constantly educating herself. She already is a very wise and old soul inside this young person. I find myself telling other family members and other people about Renee because she has helped me so much. Well, all I can say is I wish I had met Renee about 20 years ago.