I bet you have a tale about a bridge that you could make a story out of. In fact, everyone has been affected at one point in time or another trying to get somewhere and found the quickest way was over a bridge.

nutrition and wellnessHave you ever been curious enough to know why some of the older bridges were covered? I was and so I asked and discovered it was to keep them together longer, protected from the weather to last sometimes ten times longer. A covered bridge is beautiful background choice for any photographer and has been the focal point in many paintings.

A bridge could be a meeting place for friends or lovers or can connect cultures that were formerly divided. It can also aid in warfare when one side finds themselves trapped with the enemy on either end. We all know movie scenes with bridges in them. A world renown bridge can bring tourists and sight seekers. It can also leave a lasting impression on the psyche in the form of memories.

One such bridge in Salzburg, Austria will forever be indelibly etched in my mind and is the perfect setting for the evening sunset rosy glow over the city that I witnessed, on that evening when I listened to the urge to look back. I think I will always believe that Salzburg is the romantic city I have been to so far!

Myself, I have been on suspension bridges, toll bridges, world famous bridges. Walked over, flown over and sailed beneath many bridges. I have watched movable bridges allow passage of ships and trains. I have made wishes on bridges and thrown rocks into the water below. Once I even had my picture taken as part of a wedding party on a bridge.

A bridge can also be a symbol for spanning an otherwise impassable gap making connections which we might not have had an opportunity to know. What does bridging the gap mean to me? It means at times that those lost souls who are crying out for help are heard and support is coming to their aid. It means that in the times of abundance, one person can share their wealth with another and save the day. It means wherever there is judgement and separation, a mediator can listen to both sides and open lines of otherwise strained communication.

To me, this also means that spiritual beings can communicate to this side of the veil or curtain, if you will, and vice versa.

It can also be that if one person does not have the knowledge or skill, another person can step in and guide a project to completion.

A “bridge” can be the safe harbour over troubled waters, in the form of temporary shelter for a mother and her children when faced with the fallout of domestic violence. Refuge like that can give hope to the fractured family and lead to help that can lead to and transform the whole family.

Few can say they have never crossed a bridge to the other side of an understanding, a renewed perspective on a certain subject, or seen another’s point of view. Call me an optimist but I think we will have bridges in our midst for a long time to come and tell tales about the ones we have traveled on.

Call me fortunate, for I also had the opportunity to help build a bridge as part of a backyard project that got out of hand. It was a sort of stack-wall, block and mortar type. It turned out that I was somewhat of a natural at it and was offered future employment….and if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you!