My life changed forever when I attended a wedding over 5 years ago that woke me up out of the barely living state I was functioning daily from. As I sat with the many people familiar to me for all these years and listened to the vows my friends were offering each other, I realized that I had made a wrong turn somewhere more than a decade before. I was not living the life I had said I wanted, or doing what I been trained in or living for the purpose I believed I was made to live for and worse, I had abandoned my dreams for the sake of another person’s and we were not upholding our vows to each other…anymore. This shook me out of the fog I was under and I made a new vow to myself right then and there to get back on track, no matter what.

So, the next day, I found the courage and had the hardest conversation of my life that ended the marital relationship that had stalled and then set about getting my life’s compass needle pointing to my TRUE North. I never expected to come this far in 5 years but I have had some amazing things and wonderful people show up in my world for which I am forever grateful. I have a list of things I still want out of life, but at least now I am out there checking them off and life is so much more full and abundant for me these days. I still have bumps in the road, others still decide not to show up and do what they said they would but I have found ways to cope with life’s little upsets. We all have them; the question is…what are we choosing to do about it?