Sometimes being spontaneous is the antidote to a bad mood, a wounded soul or just extreme boredom. We all have these low days that make us feel a nagging discomfort in our skin and minds. Maybe it is the weather, maybe it is something deeper. It is that small irritation that won’t leave us alone until we stop ignoring it and give in to our subconscious desire to get up and go somewhere, just do something different, call up a friend and head out ….on a adventure.

I think most of us have forgotten something important. We came here for the adventure. Like the delicious bites of new experiences by trying new skills in the community arena, cooking new foods in our own kitchens or hearing new styles of music right in our own neighbourhood coffee shops. However, this is not the sole kind of exploration we are equipped with. We can find it wherever we are…even if that right inside our mind as we discover ourselves and lift the veil of our own consciousness.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to ignore the to-do list, turned the ringer off on the phone and just did for yourself whatever came to mind as an activity that you never have time to do anymore? The first time you allow yourself to be self indulgent can cause a sensation of anxiety similar to ditching work or school and you feel like the indulgence police are going to come after you. Go for it anyways. You will be glad you did!

I have found that when I get antsy, moody or overwhelmed I have been denying myself to be the adventurer I was born to be and it has been long overdue to immerse myself in deliberately creating my own reality. The countless expectations of others can build a stress response that can switch us off to the sweet moments in life. We numb out, become blind to the beauty all around and forget what is really important to us.

A good reminder would be to allow ourselves to see the manifestation of our thoughts, which would be the life we are currently experiencing. The challenge is to open our minds and change our more derisive thoughts.

Since everything begins with an energetic vibration which leads to a thought, then a feeling or emotion which becomes an action and finally the manifestation of the thought, nothing is happening to us at random. We are the creators of our life experiences, along with all the others around us who are co-creating and providing the wonderful contrast for us to learn more about our likes and dislikes.

Recently it was this kind of nagging niggles that had me seeking some peace of mind and something different to do with my life and I discovered that there are people out there just doing “It”, whatever the particular “It” is for them.
Oh joy of joy! I got that electric bolt of realization…a aha moment if you will, that I can do this too. No more excuses, no more complaints or reasons why not. Just doing what feels good because that is all there is.

So, I made a decision right then and there to explore more, try something new and set out on an adventure and see what becomes of the thought and the next one and the next one! Maybe I will make a video of my new encounters and share them online or write about them. Either way, I will be doing “it”.

What are you going to do with your one deliciously, expanding, glorious, and adventurous life?