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As a Health Coach people often ask me what a Health Coach does for people. I want to start with what a Health Coach does not do. We do not treat, cure or diagnose illness. That is not our scope of expertise and if you have a life threatening illness or disease, you owe it to yourself to get professional advice. Experienced Health Coaches do not claim that any one diet, product or lifestyle is the Holy Grail for all people. The usual training is eye opening, life changing and informative! We are here to help get the message out that by adding a few good habits your life can and will change for the better. If this sounds good to you already then continue to follow along as I share the vast experience I have amassed to pass on to others in this and future articles.

health and nutritionIf you are someone who wants to learn more about eating healthy and finding ways to feed your family the best nutrition out there without draining your bank account or sacrificing enjoyment in life but struggle with finding the time to investigate it all, then you are in the right place. I will provide tips, tools and products I have found to help me and my family get and stay healthy right here so you can just sit back and take it in!

One thing about Nutrition that I have learned is that is not necessary right at the start to take away the foods you are craving or starve yourself to slimness. Just by adding in the good stuff your body and brain will take it from there. Take water for instance. If you want to increase energy flow throughout your body, drink up to 2 to 3 litres a day (especially in hot weather). Our cells also need the water to send messages back and forth to each other or the communication lines get bogged down. Help them out by giving them a good water source every day that has been filtered in some way. A really good habit to form is to drink a 8oz glass of water before your morning coffee every day to flush impurities out the kidneys and other organs that have settled there while you were lying still and sleeping. I tell new clients this every time we begin their health healing journey in the programs I have to offer.

Another myth that people are so accustomed to hearing and believing is that cravings for certain foods are a bad thing. I think differently about this now. Think of your body as a computer, a bio-computer to be more exact, that never makes mistakes. Now if it never makes mistakes, then cravings are just requests from the programming for certain missing codes. Your job is to give it the best quality code that it is asking for. So for an example, when I crave chocolate, I go to my favorite 70% cacao dark chocolate and dip it in peanut butter to get a reduced sweet treat that my taste buds think of as my version of a Reese’s Pieces Peanut Cup. I only need a couple small pieces and the craving is satisfied and I do not have to endure the craving in the mind feedback loop that used to plague me when I tried to ignore it and hoped it would go away.

I get asked all the time if I will make people eat things they hate. Heck no! I was force fed liver as a kid and will not touch the stuff with a ten foot pole now! I was trained and know this to be true, that if you do not like to eat or drink something to the point of throwing it up or gagging, then forcing the issue is counterproductive and is a deep subconscious program that will take more than will power to change or rewrite and it is not necessary to suffer to reach personal goals. Finding out what works best for you that is based on your individual needs and desires is the right nutritional path for anyone. It does not need to be any more challenging than that, unless you want to challenge yourself to do more, experiment more or see what you can accomplish. This is where guidance helps to reach those goals.

Really the most important thing about trying to lose weight, eat healthier or find more energy, time and fun in your life is about the balance. If you remember the bio-computer analogy and only take away one thing, let it be this…even a computer needs to rest, reboot and restore the files sometimes. Do not beat yourself up on weaker days. Talk nice to yourself because you did not form these habits overnight and it will take time and persistence to unlearn certain behaviours and belief systems. Just learn a new way to install new programs of eating habits, move your body in some form of exercise often, get plenty of rest and down time to rebalance the system, make new friends and swap recipes and share books with them.  Find people to cheer you on with your successes and encourage you to keep at it when you do not reach your goals. We are all doing the same thing, just at different times and will arrive that point of lasting health and physical well-being if we make the choice to.

If you currently want to make some changes in your eating habits, have tried other diets to lose weight or are looking to increase your energy then email me at to set up a free discovery session and find out what your body needs to begin your healing journey.


August 1, 2016
By: Renee Harrison, INHC