One morning as I finished my meditation and thought about what would be coming up next on my to-do list, I was nudged to write this message to you first.

What is this message about and who nudged me, you might ask? It is a dialogue meant for you, reader, and if you choose to receive and use it as the start of growing comfortable listening to the messages that your mind and body are giving you…then you will find your “sweet spot “, “your bliss” or just be happier with your choices. Be open to receiving the gift of awareness you are about to be presented with.

I was open to receiving this morning after my meditation and so I could “hear” the message (or Divine download as I like to call it) loud and clear. My willingness to be the messenger is a gift to myself as the light being that I am. I could chose to push the message away and pretend like I didn’t hear it but, I have recently made a decision to show up for the experiences in this life and embrace all it offers, good, bad, right or wrong.

wellness coachWhen we are willing to look through the kaleidoscope of life, we notice there are both light and dark pieces to everything that our filters take in. What do you notice most? Is it the light bright colours in life, in people or the dark, trying to stay out of the light, shapes? What if you were told we are all like that kaleidoscope image? Would you be willing to see where the light and dark pieces of you start and end?

What if you could receive a letter from a dear, departed loved one from Heaven and it had an important message for you to use as a catalyst for change? Would you receive it? Would you open it and give yourself permission not to judge where it came from?

What if I told you we get spiritual letters, emails and texts all the time, but don`t bother to “read“ them or worse even respond to the gentle reminders. These love notes go unheard and we miss out on the helping hand from the other side.

Have you ever had someone in this physical world we beings dwell in, offer to help you with something and found yourself saying, `that`s ok, I got this! ` Only to wish after that you had accepted the help? I, personally, have rejected many an offer and regretted it later and that is directly related to the dark parts of me (judgements) that tell my mind, if the help is coming from an older man, he must have an agenda, but a younger person, I would expect to help out!` I actually feel entitled to get help from someone younger because this was what I told when I was young! So someone else`s judgement that I accepted as truth because I was taught to believe my elders. I was only just recently made aware of the variables of judgement we place on each other and the many degrees of separation this causes in this world between every person.

Every time we separate ourselves, we cloak ourselves with another layer of heavy, filter out the light, kind of amour that binds us to our unhappiness and darker feelings. This keeps us in a never ending cycle of less than good feelings for ourselves and others.

Are you ready now to receive a truth that will shed some light on the consequences of those decisions to not to receive from others based on judgements? Open your mind now and with a receiving heart read the message of hope and love about to add more to your life!

Dear Loved One, you are cherished and loved very much although you do not love yourself as the infinite being that you are and as you are loved. It is our wish that you fully understand that the truth of that without adding to the unloving acts you do to yourself by judging yourself while you are reminded of this love of others.

What would it take for you to hear a kind word from another and receive the compliment, feel the warmth of it, and return it without judgement or fear attached? Could you accept a hug from someone today who you might otherwise have passed over and shut out? Have you ever truly felt love coming from another without a condition or expectation attached? Would you recognize it and feel open to receiving it all the way inside to the depths of you? Why not try an experiment and the next time someone offers you a smile, a hug, or a helping hand, accept it and send them unconditional love energy. You do not need to tell them you did it…they will feel it, as will you.

Ask yourself after, how did that make me feel? What did you notice they did with the love offering? Were they quiet and uncomfortable? Did they smile in gratitude? Did you smile, while in secret giving yourself a hug for being the loving, light giver that you are?

Dear one, become more aware of the gifts that others bring, sometimes wrapped in a lesson, and embrace everything that comes to you without judging it good, bad, right or wrong. Do this often, make it a habit and one day you will feel like the free, expanded luminous being that you truly are.

See judgements for what they really are. They are the bondage you put on yourself and others to keep yourselves from shining brightly. Break free and reach for the love and light

May 2016