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Verified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
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Life’s Refresh Button

Edited version of article published April 1, 2016 When I talk to others about doing a life refresh, they think automatically that I mean to do a diet upgrade, lose weight, or join a gym. Why wouldn’t they think that since I am a Health Coach after all? Don’t get me wrong, eating clean can [...]

Are you maintaining your own personal healthcare?

Self care is a must. Your health care is totally under your control to self govern. So why do so many people not take charge of their own care? I know why and now… you can too! It seems nowadays that many of us place our self care at one end of the spectrum (bottom [...]

Weight! I need help here . . .

With all the concern in North America about diabetes and obesity there is now a flood of information out there on how you can find every kind of diet “fix” and new ones popping up weekly it seems. Do they work? That’s the topic of discussion today. Know that old are what you eat? I used [...]

Conditioning Ourselves for Success

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free I guess I am what some would call a late bloomer in life. I am only now at a point on my path that by some people’s standards would deem me as successful; [...]

What If You Have A Health Concern?

What do we do when there is a looming health concern? For most of us that looks like on-going symptoms that the doctors have prescribed first this thing, then that and it has not gone away or worse, it hurts in another spot, the side effects are horrific and the nights are getting longer from [...]

Why I Do What I Do

Hello Peeps! I am Renée, I am an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach! Why did I choose this career? I was one of those people not so long ago that had almost given up the hope that I was ever going to feel good in my body again. I began my search for the right healing [...]

One turn of the Kaleidoscope…

My life changed forever when I attended a wedding over 5 years ago that woke me up out of the barely living state I was functioning daily from. As I sat with the many people familiar to me for all these years and listened to the vows my friends were offering each other, I realized [...]