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Verified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
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Life is an Adventure

Sometimes being spontaneous is the antidote to a bad mood, a wounded soul or just extreme boredom. We all have these low days that make us feel a nagging discomfort in our skin and minds. Maybe it is the weather, maybe it is something deeper. It is that small irritation that won’t leave us alone [...]

Why We Should Embellish Our Lives

How many people do you know that are truly happy and satisfied with their lives? Ever wondered what it would be like to confidently say “this is the best life ever”? I did, so I went on a quest to find out who was saying this to themselves and others. Here is what I have [...]

December 2016 - By Renee Harrison The Magic Happens Magazine  

What If You Have A Health Concern?

What do we do when there is a looming health concern? For most of us that looks like on-going symptoms that the doctors have prescribed first this thing, then that and it has not gone away or worse, it hurts in another spot, the side effects are horrific and the nights are getting longer from [...]

Why I Do What I Do

Hello Peeps! I am Renée, I am an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach! Why did I choose this career? I was one of those people not so long ago that had almost given up the hope that I was ever going to feel good in my body again. I began my search for the right healing [...]

One turn of the Kaleidoscope…

My life changed forever when I attended a wedding over 5 years ago that woke me up out of the barely living state I was functioning daily from. As I sat with the many people familiar to me for all these years and listened to the vows my friends were offering each other, I realized [...]