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Guide to integrative nutrition
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Verified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Verified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
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Good Nutrition is a Start

Link to Article As a Health Coach people often ask me what a Health Coach does for people. I want to start with what a Health Coach does not do. We do not treat, cure [...]

The Bridge Effect

I bet you have a tale about a bridge that you could make a story out of. In fact, everyone has been affected at one point in time or another trying to get somewhere and [...]

Dear Loved One

One morning as I finished my meditation and thought about what would be coming up next on my to-do list, I was nudged to write this message to you first. What is this message about [...]

Life’s Refresh Button

When I talk to others about doing a life refresh, they think automatically that I mean to do a diet upgrade, lose weight, or join a gym. Why wouldn’t they think that since I am [...]

Life is an Adventure

Sometimes being spontaneous is the antidote to a bad mood, a wounded soul or just extreme boredom. We all have these low days that make us feel a nagging discomfort in our skin and minds. [...]

Why We Should Embellish Our Lives

How many people do you know that are truly happy and satisfied with their lives? Ever wondered what it would be like to confidently say “this is the best life ever”? I did, so I [...]